Sunday, July 25, 2021

Airfix North African Outpost



When I was a kid, I really wanted this set. However, its days passed me up by a few years or at least the hobby shops I went to in the early 80s never had it.  So, I was super excited to find that Amera Plastic Mouldings Inc. was remaking the Airfix bases and more. Products - Amera Plastic Mouldings However, I was disappointed when I got mine. The ruined house was the Normandy Command Post, not the outpost!  But, I was not going to let that set me back.  I did the best I could with it, so you be the judge.  

Here, I was very pleased with the rock shading.  It came out much better than I anticipated. The grit is my standard kitty litter crushed up into bits of small rock. 

The inside of the house I filled with acrylic paste. The depth of the walls are about 4mm thick.  I tried to fill in the best I could, but I was losing my cool! lol 

The model kit is the standard 1/76 scale German Recon set with 3 soldiers standing, 2 in the Kampfwagon and the 3rd is the from Caesar German Tank Riders. Someone needs to man the machine gun, right?   

I got a little antsy trying to finish this kit, so I did not put as much debris on the floor as I could have.  Just say'in!   

Hans is telling Fritz where to shove it!   

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Urban Terrain

I picked up this Miniscenes by Bellona many years ago.  I figured one day I would get to painting it. 

Added Some kitty litter, paste and mod podge. 

Base Coats.

Though it came out reasonable, I am still struggling with the shading of the debris in an urban setting. 

The Germans are 1/72 Pioneers from Revell. 

Back to model airplanes!

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