Saturday, October 23, 2021

Wait, what airbrushing?


Well, it's about time I reinvested in airbrushing. Twenty years ago I started airbrushing German tanks., marriage, kids and divorce pushed it to the last thing I was going to do in the hobby.  But, with the unrelenting march of time, I pulled my model H Paache of the shelf and fired up the bicycle air compressor. My first victim was a 1/72 or HO Atlantic Tiger I had sitting in a box.  What do you think?

For those of you unfamiliar with Atlantic. It is the kit in the middle.  The one to the left is a 1/72 Tiger from Italeri.  The one on the right is a 1/76 Airfix kit. 

Not terrible. I need more practice with the airbrush. The paints we cheap acrylics from Hobby Lobby. So, it was a struggle to mix properly and not clog the brush. I have since ordered a set of paints from Vallejo. 
I was inspired to use an Atlantic kit because I saw someone post on TMP a wargame scene with this very model and I was impressed. 
A little back story... my first tanks (2 in this set) I ever bought was this kit.  I purchased it in the early 80s at Frank's Hobby Shop in Orange, California.  I can still smell the stale air of the store and see the large scale railroad track suspended above the isles. This little gem was calling my name.  I was so excited putting it together while watching Patton on "War is Hell week."  I think I was in the 6th grade.  Atlantic produced some reasonable tank kits for young lads getting into wargaming. I will post some of my collection in a later post.  The T34s, Tigers and Shermans were great fun! 

Next up, I tried my hand on this kit.  My son built one...sorta, I finished it. I figured it was the prefect test case.  The struggle I had was the air pressure. I got a few spit marks. I recently ordered a smaller air compressor for airbrushing. I hope it helps.    
I did use a liquid mask element for the canopy.  That was AWESOME!!!  I recommend getting it.  
This was my first airbrushed airplane EVER. I was happy... and my 14 year old son was impressed enough to put his phone down for 10 minutes!!!! 
Paint on and stay calm...

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Italy in the desert...


Not enough time or credit is given to those brave Italians that endured so much in the heat of the desert. They were common soldiers that did not choose their leaders or the war they were sent to fight in. Therefore, here are a few models I have built recently as a small tribute. 

This is a nice Italeri kit.  It fits very well.

I really like this kit. Though, for a wargame table it is very large and seems out of place.  It kinda reminds me of the Hasagwa  155mm Long Tom, very cool to have, but on a game table is just big. 

Again, fine kits.  I enjoyed putting these together. The figures are from Armor Fast. 

Did you see I put a cigar in Segundo's hand?

These chaps are from the set below.

(Plastic Soldier Review)

I used a few fellows from the above and the Hat Deport 75mm. 

Wonderful kit and great decals.  

Off to another wargame... 

FlyxWire on TMP commented about a game of racing Alfa Romeos.  I wish I knew of one.  However, I played this game back in the early 1980s with several friends.  As I recall, it was a lot fun. Anyone else remember this game?  

Back to model airplanes!

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