Friday, November 26, 2021

The Glory of playing with toy soldiers!


Every now and again, it is important to remind myself why I got into the wargame hobby.  Occasionally, I will set up a game with my Atlantic toy soldiers and play a simple game. It takes me back to the fun times as a kid. When both real life and playing were bright and filled with imagination. 

Here is the line up! 
            Russian Infantry                           Lend Lease GMC trucks                    Bad Ass tanks

      The big guns 76 mm                  Well.... these are going to be JSII's  


                             HQ                                      Tiger I                                 German Infantry
                                Air Defenses                                             Pak 75mm


 Late Summer 1944 and a German unit is holding a small outpost between two hills.  They know the Russians are coming but they are ordered to hold.  NO RETREAT! So, they braced for impact...

Marshal Konev arrives in his jeep and issues
 orders for the artillery to open fire. 

The guns open on the German position. (Here, I wish I had the software to edit in gun blasts. If anyone knows what to get or how, please let me know.)

German troops milling about....

Holy Spaetzle! 

The Soviet tanks and troops move out!

When a 1 or 2 on a 12 sided is needed, JSII delivered! BAM Pak 75 is wasted. 

Hit one in the defenses...

Russian horde moves in closer. One T34/85 with infantry support moves in to assault a pillbox. 

The other JSII gets a lucky shot on the advancing Tiger on the road as the artillery blasts the barbered wire. (Side note, if this was a real game...I'd be pissed as the Germans.  I'd question the die.  Seriously, another one gets rolled. What are the odds?) 

The only reinforcement for the Germans was a lone sortie by an Airfix Focke-Wulf 190. 

While in flight, the Soviet artillery knocks out the German HQ detachment and the JSIIs are shelling the German tracked vehicle. The FW-190 puts an end to the machine gun mounted GMC trucks. 

Still not a good day for Gerry...

The Pak 75 crew gets a solid shot off and K.O.'s a T34/85.

There was some back-and-forth gun fire. But the Soviet advance was too much. The remaining Germans broke and ran for the Oder River. 
Disclaimer: No plastic soldiers were killed, maimed or otherwise injured in this quasi-historical event. They are all returned unmolested to their proper barracks. 

Rules: Home created 2001.
The End


  1. Great set up. Still love the look and feel of games like this !

  2. Great AAR post!
    Love the ol’ time look and your box covers and posters, nice.

  3. Wonderful game and report. A brilliant mix of what we did in our youth and the greater class and detail of our adulthood.
    Regards, James


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