Friday, December 31, 2021

Back to model airplanes!


                                             Thank you, Jim Davis and Garfield, for making us laugh!

The last several weeks have been very busy with the holidays, business year end and I got Covid.  But I did keep busy with some plane building.  I still consider myself a novice at building airplane kits.

First up is the Grumman. I really enjoyed this kit.  It has several options as a carrier plane, the landing gear can be down and you can have the winds folded back.  

I chose the Hollywood version with the canopy back.  I am still growing my paint collection. The pale blue here is too pale.  
The seamline needs work...but I am a novice!  I can get away with that! 

The P40 is a simple build.  It goes together easy.  This is new tooling.  I just need to weather better. 
Prop Decals are nice and add a little extra detail 

I like this!  Great decals.  

I really enjoyed this kit.  Easy and old school, again new tooling. 
My lament is my paints.  I have some different ones on order.  The yellow is from Vallejo and it is very thin.  I can't get it to thicken up.  

Kate is sweet!  This is a kit with 2 planes in the box.  Both are identical. 

Not a lot of detail and the landing gear is simplistic. 

Fun kit anyway... especially if you are experimenting with painting as I am.

Soon I am going to put the Revell Battle of Britian kit together. (After a few other things...)

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  1. Wonderful model making and painting. I hope that you got time to make those planes from the Revell set and can post about them soon.
    Regards, James


Back to model airplanes!

                                                Thank you, Jim Davis and Garfield, for making us laugh ! The last several weeks have been ve...