Sunday, October 3, 2021

Italy in the desert...


Not enough time or credit is given to those brave Italians that endured so much in the heat of the desert. They were common soldiers that did not choose their leaders or the war they were sent to fight in. Therefore, here are a few models I have built recently as a small tribute. 

This is a nice Italeri kit.  It fits very well.

I really like this kit. Though, for a wargame table it is very large and seems out of place.  It kinda reminds me of the Hasagwa  155mm Long Tom, very cool to have, but on a game table is just big. 

Again, fine kits.  I enjoyed putting these together. The figures are from Armor Fast. 

Did you see I put a cigar in Segundo's hand?

These chaps are from the set below.

(Plastic Soldier Review)

I used a few fellows from the above and the Hat Deport 75mm. 

Wonderful kit and great decals.  

Off to another wargame... 

FlyxWire on TMP commented about a game of racing Alfa Romeos.  I wish I knew of one.  However, I played this game back in the early 1980s with several friends.  As I recall, it was a lot fun. Anyone else remember this game?  

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  1. Nice selection of Italian North African armour, well done putting it together!


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